Yahoo! App

The new Yahoo! Mail App was the result of an experiment in a brand new direction.

Lead Product Design, UX, Prototyping

Defining mobile News

When I joined the team, the Yahoo App was very simplistic but it needed a clear direction and structural thinking.

After many iterations, we landed on a stream experience.

Fullscreen article pages, scroll left for the next and up for more.

Early Concepts

After several prototypes, we landed on a video chat with an overlay of text. It was quite magical, how people reacted using it.

This video helped the team to sell the vision which would impact the product structure.

Cinemagraphs and iPad

Our team of editors put together several looping videos that could be used to enhance the experience when articles had no image. Shortly after the phone new version, we focused on the iPad.

After many explorations, we landed on the simple approach, since the Yahoo news content comes from over 5000 different sources.