Yahoo! Livetext

Livetext is an entirely new way to stay in touch. It makes you feel like your friends are right there with you.

UI, UX, Prototyping in xCode

Texting + Live Video = 😂

We started by asking a simple question:
“What can we do to innovate real time messaging?”

Nothing in the way, just you and your friends.

Message your friends like they’re right there.

Early Concepts

After several prototypes, we landed on a video chat with an overlay of text. It was quite magical, how people reacted using it.

One direction that the team loved was themed 8Bit and had the user assigned to random “little guys”.


The team had a hypothesis that a mascot would create more empathy with our target demographic. Meet Carl, the bear.

Strong colors and simplicity as part of Livetext’s language.